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Follow-up on Workshop

Dear participants,

Thank you for coming to the “Communications Skills” workshop organised in cooperation with AMCHAM Croatia.

In the interest of our continued effort to improve our services to our members, please fill-up the survey and send it to Ivana Karavidovic.

Communications Workshop at AMCHAM

Taking place at the Westin Hotel, Zagreb Croatia.
Imagine the following situation:  your company has been asked to participate and present at a major international conference.

· Will the representative be fully prepared to take advantage of this opportunity?

· How will they deal with the stress of communicating key ideas, and representing the company?

· Are they well prepared to answer all questions?

· Will they convey an image consistent with the one your company has been cultivating and developing?

· Do they know how to use powerpoint slides effectively ?

· Will the presenter bring any value-added to the slides ?

AMCHAM, in cooperation with Mediacodex, gives you an opportunity to meet these and other communications challenges successfully.
Topics include:
Presentations skills
Public Speaking
Media training and Interview skills
The effective use of visual aids
Internal communications such as board meetings
The strategy of communications
-to Gain an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses as a communicator
-to Play consistently at the top of your game as a communicator
– to create clear and memorable presentations
-to make the presenter appear in-control and save preparation time.
To make internal meetings effective.
-To make the most of any communications event
Over the week of May 8th to 14th, you can book a morning or afternoon session of 3 hours maximum for up to 3 people.
Morning Session: 9 to 12
Afternoon Session: 2 pm to 5pm
Special AMCHAM 750 HRK per person per session. Once payment is received the session will be reserved for your company.
About Mediacodex.
Mediacodex specializes in corporate communications consulting and executive coaching. It has operated in both the US and in Europe. For more information visit or refer back to our website and newsletter.