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Business Breakfast at Nordic Chamber

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce has invited me as guest speaker for a power breakfast at the Esplanade Hotel.

The event will take place on the 16th of November.

Details at

Power Breakfast at the Nordic Chamber of Commerce

Power Breakfast at the Nordic Chamber of Commerce

Elected – Member of the Board

This is my first political campaign and my first win as well.

By the end of the night, I had gained the most votes among 4 candidates.


As Sun Tzu is believed to have said, one wins a war before it starts. Similarly, I had spent a lot of time cultivating good relations with the members of the chamber of commerce. In particular, I think that I was right in getting more endorsements that were necessary (three when one sufficed).

I knew that the other candidates only had one endorsement so from the start, I had a two-votes lead.

Secondly, these members allowed me to vote on their behalf, so I carried their votes with me.

Thirdly, my speech was simply better, both on the delivery and structure.

The three other candidates made chronological speeches which tantamounted to narrating their curriculum vitae.

I opened by stating the chamber exists for the benefit of its members. I then highlighted the three characteristics I thought were needed to make an effective member of the board. Finally, I stated what I had these characterists and highlighted what I would do once elected.

I do believe that luck was on my side too: because the speakers appeared in alphabetical order, I was the last one to appear on the podium. I think that it made my speech that much more memorable.

Here is a press clipping from News and Views (page 4).