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Urbanization and sustainable development.

Urbanization and sustainable development.

The construction of new towns by the Housing Development Board of Singapore, is an example of planned urbanization

Wahyd Vannoni for “news and views”.

Professor Robert Lang of Virginia Tech estimates that, in the United States, 60 to 100 million people will move to “20 or so megapolitan” cities. In China, internal migration is expected to reach… The estimated average annual movement of 200 million rural Chinese over the past six years is historically unprecedented, dwarfing the annual average of 40 million Americans who moved during the same period, though as a percentage of population the rates are about the same.
Migration between countries and within countries give rise to many challenges. These challenges will concern all aspects of human life and life on earth in general, ranging from social tension, to economic opportunities to security issues, to resources management and allocation, etc… Clearly these issues are linked in one way or another….

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Article on Sustainable Development, Pages 15 and 16.