WBUR Social “tweet-up”

WBUR Social Media Group

Open House Thursday Oct 30th @ 6:30 PM

Location: 890 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Tentative Schedule:

Doors Open @ 6:30  PM

Ten minute meet & greet.


6:35: Welcome. Hashtags & other info. #wbursocial

6:40: Clint gives those interested a tour of the station

Those interested are welcome to join one of the following sessions @7:00 — 8:15

Journalism in a 2.0 World (Large Conference Room)

Facilitators: Robin Lubbock, Dan Kennedy

We’ll kick off this discussion with a brief overview of the local media-maker ecosystem. Whom should we be paying attention to and why?  How can/should professional journalists engage this community of  bloggers, Tweeters and other social/new media makers?  What opportunities and pitfalls does collaboration present each group?

We will conclude this session with an overview of wbur.org & two other homepages. What are their comparative strengths & weaknesses?

Hype 2.0? (Cafeteria a.k.a. “The Event Room”)

Facilitators: Ken George, John Carroll, Adam Zand (tentative)

With old fashion media drawing numbers many a start-up would envy, and a fiscal climate that will usher Web 2.0 companies the way of Pets.com,

how does one balance a healthy skepticism of social media with practical ways of mining its potential?

At 8:30 those interested will held over to the Sunset Grill at 916 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston to feast on food and more ideas.


John Carroll

John Carroll

John Carroll

Carroll, a regular WBUR commentator for more than 10 years prior to moving to WGBH-TV’s “Greater Boston” in the mid ’90s, will analyze electoral and print media during the presidential race, and following the election, he will dissect issues related to advertising, politics and culture.

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Dan is an assistant professor at the Northeastern University School of Journalism. He writes for the Guardian (U.K.), CommonWealth Magazine and the Boston Phoenix, and is a regular panelist on WGBH-TV’s “Beat the Press,” hosted by Emily Rooney. E-mail him at da {dot} kennedy {at} neu {dot} edu.

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