Can Social Media help public radio

A report from WBUR’s december tweet-up.

The discussion centered around how, public radios such as WBUR can use social media.

Several proposals were made:

  • Allow phone/PDA’s contributions and
  • Encourage several low contributions ($1 to $5) in addition to the current four official fund-raisers
  • Make the act of contributing seamless
  • Any contribution, however low, should result in membership (currently the minimum is set at $60/year)
  • Recognize contributors who referred other donors
  • Distribute electronic badges (I pledged) in the form of a .gif that people/bloggers/twitterers can display on their social media platforms and…
  • Create an electronic equivalent of membership donor card
  • Open archives on a pay-per-download basis (though this might be tough to negotiate with NPR, CPB etc…)

Any other ideas?

Social Media Gathering at WBUR

Social Media Gathering at WBUR

2 responses to “Can Social Media help public radio

  1. micro-payments could be huge. i’d talk to paypall (or whoever else does these), and see if they could facilitate micro-payment fund raising – in form of a website widget.

    many people don’t like donations because they have to disclose to much personal information, and then they end up on mailing/calling lists and get harassed by everyone. anonymous micro-donations would take care of that problem.

    small amounts could result in high volume.

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