Creative interview questions

Acumen fund is hiring a business development manager.

There are two particularly interesting characteristics about this opening.

First, I – and thousands of others – got to know about this opening from Seth Godin’s newsletter; comforting the nation that the internet is supplementing word-of-mouth.

Secondly, are the questions that the job requirements ask of potential applicants. These are:

1. Tell us about a tribe you’ve built. How did you do it?
2. Describe an experience with a product, company, or organization that was delightful. What made it so?
3. To tweet or not to tweet, and why?
4. Tell us about your five favorite blogs. What makes them must-reads?
5. When have you changed someone’s mind? How did you do it?
6. What should we have asked you that we didn’t ask? Now answer the question.

Would these questions have been possible even 5 years ago? Probably not and even if Twitter had existed then, they wouldn’t have meant much to most people.

This is yet another reason why today’s job-seeker should keep in touch with the constantly changing technological landscape.

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