The inevitability of video-résumés

I have argued for a while now that video-résumés or video c.v.’s are going to be the killer application of the recruitement industry.

Before I articulate the argument, I will highlight the following news from MassHighTech:

Corporate annual reports move to online video

“But the nature of that communication is changing. What was once reams of paper impersonally reflecting numbers, activities and attitudes is moving to a more personal and cheaper medium — online video.”

This is of course is also applicable to job applications and personal branding.

Video killed the text star

I do not believe that all of the sudden video will supplant the text version of a cover letter and résumé. However, I do believe that it will set-apart those applicants who will supplement their application with a video.

Depending on the job they are looking for, the will calibrate their video to project their personality. This is something that text-based documents cannot do.

In fact, this is already being done, and had been done in the world of music. In the end, musicians have to be heard and ideally seen performing.

The Berklee School of Music in Boston features many of its students on its home page. See bassist Ignacio Long.

As you can see, it is much more effective for you to form an opinion of somebody’s character by seeing him than by trying to reverse engineer from text.

In any event, all application always end-up with face-to-face interviews. This is time-consuming and recruiters may have missed a few potential hires because their application did not meet their criteria 100%.

So this is how it might work. Text-based documents will still be used as a first filter by using key words (CSS, Phd etc…) and other criteria such as work-permits. Once this is done, recruiters will look at the videos. This is more effective because within a few seconds, recruiters will know whether a candidate has the right personality for the job they are trying to fill.

There are of course legal considerations to be made. Yet, nothing prevents current applicants to include in their application a link to a website which may feature pictures and videos. Technology puts us in front of a fait-accompli and sooner or later, those who do not include a video of themselves will be at a disadvantage.

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