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Ipods: best value for money?

At $2.07 per gigabyte the classic is best value for money.

At $2.07 per gigabyte the "classic" is best value for money.

I have recently been on the market to replace my 80 gigs ipod for a new one. I use my ipod principally to listen to podcasts and as an external hard-drive.

I have been surprised by a discontinuity in terms of hard drive space.

The Shuffle and itouch range between 8 and 32 gigs. The next data point is 120 gigs for the ipod classic.

I have put all the pricing (from apple’s US store) into a spreadsheet and compared prices and features. If you are looking to maximise dollars spent per gigabyte, then the “classic” is by far your best option.

Click on image below to dowload the pdf chart.

Ipod chart

Des reunions qui commencent a’ l’heure.

800px-Flag_of_France.svg(this article is in French)

J’avais pose’ la question suivante sur

Le Wall Street Journal revele que le nouveau CEO du Bombay Stock Exchange ( veut que les reunions, dorenavant, commencent ‘a l’heure.

Quelles pratiques lui conseillez-vous de mettre en place pour atteindre son but?

Voici une selection des meilleures reponses.