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A follow-up on psychometric tests

Are you what you answer?The following are comments from Linkedin users on the following question:

“Recruiters, employers, do you rely on psychometric tests in the hiring process? Why? Why not? and How do you feel about them?”


Leslie Traub (Professional profile and Personal Website)

President/CEO Cook Ross, Inc

“We do use psychometric testing, more as a point of understanding the individual and how he or she will complement our team. There are certain jobs that require a particular focus or orientation, and we look for aspects of that job in the testing. We wouldn’t NOT offer a job if everything else lined up. We also use the testing as a way to explore our team dynamics. They become the context for many conversations about how we can work together better, and how can have more compassion and understanding for each others differences.”

Leslie Traub brings more than twenty years of experience in diversity, inclusion and change management consulting, facilitation, training, and development to Cook Ross Inc.

Loren Hicks (Professional Website and Personal Website)

Senior management consultant / tech executive

“I have found the fortune teller down the street to be less expensive, and at least as accurate. Horoscopes are even less expensive. Everyone with an IQ high enough that you’d actually want to hire will try and play the test to tell you what they think you want to hear. You’re much better off reading the signals in an interview, and watching behaviour in the first few weeks after the hire.”

Loren Hicks has business knowledge across many verticals – eCommerce, manufacturing, securities, transportation, banking, insurance, leisure, and more. Specialist in project recovery – bringing new thinking and discipline to make faltering initiatives deliver.

Noel  Wagner (Professional Profile)

Director of Business Development at Carltech

“I have used them off and on over the past 15 years and they can give you some insight into what the candidate perceives about themself (not necessarily what the actual truth is but what they think it is) and have found they are no guarantee or even acurate predictor of future behavior.

Nothing beats a good in person interview and hard skills testing if applicable.”

Noel works for Carltech, a Recruiting firm specializing in contract staffing for Information Technology, Engineering and Accounting.

Brighton: pour le meilleur et pour le “pier”

C’est avec l’aimable autorisation de Julie que nous publions l’article ci-dessous sur la ville de Brighton.

Continue reading What I would pay for.

For those of you who use you might have wondered whether or not to buy a “pro” version.

As things now stands, I do not see a need to subscribe to the “pro” features.

You can see a table comparing free membership with the paying ones at Linkedin’s own website.

What I think would tilt the balance for me are the following features:

– A detailed list of “who viewed my profile?”
– Synch contacts and events with my own desktop calendar (like plaxo does).
– Templates on how to best publish one’s résumé or c.v. with a step-by-step “résumé-builder”.
– The ability to insert a video about oneself and/or company.
– Downloadble pdf’s of one’s profile for third-parties.

Any other ideas?

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When do we check email in the morning?

A different ending?

Though these multiple-endings videos, the Metropolitan Police aim to make youngsters aware of the consequences of their behaviour.

Are these effective?