Social Media Middle East Survey

Updated 10/May/2012.

Recently, thinkmedialabs published a survey of the most active Lebanese politician

…as well as the most active Lebanese singer on twitter (picture on the right).

On the politician side, Mr. Nicolas Sehnaoui leads the pack with 217 tweets but Mr Saad Hariri boasts more 130,000 followers.

As you can see from the infographic on the right, the top two singers each have more than 200,000 followers.

Meantime, if you are from Lebanon or other parts of the middle-east, please take part in the following survey.

The questionnaire aims at producing the first comprehensive report of Social Media usage in the Middle-East.

What do you get from participating? Leave us with your email address, you will get a complimentary copy of this survey.

The report will include the following content:

– Comprehensive market data, by country, industry and company size.

– Understanding of how companies in the Middle-East use social media

– Which are the most popular social media platforms

– Who are the thought-leaders in this space

– The challenges faced by companies in the Middle-East using social media

– Strategic overview and insight List of participants who opted to make their profile public.

Find the survey here (outside link will open).

Please contact us below should you have any question.

Wahyd Vannoni

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