Careers: Would you hire this person?

I have long argued that in that a video-c.v. clearly enhances a candidate’s chances of being found and hired.

This is because of two sets of reasons: one qualitative and the other quantitative.

The point of an interview is for recruiters to get a feel for the candidate and determine how he might fit in the company. The owner of a good c.v. or résumé will ultimately get one, or several job interviews to establish this. Therefore, a video-c.v. will give recruiters this kind of information on top of the information contained in a text-based c.v.. If well filmed and edited the video may well give a crucial advantage over applications that are only text-based.

On the qualitative side, a video increases the chances of being forwarded and becoming viral as this one below from iLuj 2011. Notice also, that once you view the video, it is almost impossible to resist clicking on that person’s website. In this particular case, the web site is carefully crafted and reflects the career-goals of the individual.

One caveat though, nothing by itself will suffice. What you need, is well-edited c.v. and cover letter as well as videos, blogs, personal website, professional networks and yes, do continuously improve your interview skills.

So what this video and ask yourself if you would hire this person.

Feel free to comment!

Link: Julien Emeriat’s website

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