Apps: The Economist Fails to Upgrade

A downgrade hidden in a compulsary upgrade

The Economist is one rare success story in the world of print publishing. While
many titles keep revising their circulation numbers downwards, The Economist is being read, and bought, by an increasing number of people.

The latest figure for its year-on-year growth in the United Kingdom is 7.7% thus passing the 200.000 readers bar for the first time. Worldwide, circulation is just above 1.4 million, having grown 3.3% year-on-year.

However, there is one area which the publishers of The Economist need to fix: its latest iPad app upgrade.

Out of the 79 ratings the 2.0.4 version received, 42 were 1-star only, the lowest possible score.

For once, more red-stars would be welcome

The issues customers complain about are surprisingly varied: from the loss of the twitter sharing feature, to the loss of audio support and unrecognised password.

Worst of all, it appears that you are forced to upgrade but that in doing so, you will lose all the issues you have saved while using other versions.

While the publishers and the developpers get their act together iPad readers of The Economist may well revert to its sister publication: “Intelligent Life”. It is free and at the time of this publishing command an inverse rating ratio: 48 5-stars out of 66.

You may download it here on iTunes.

Yes it exists, and it is free

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