“Blogging Friday” with Hult Students in London

The first formal “Blogging Friday” with the participation of Hult MDM students took place today at Notes Coffee and Music near Covent Garden.

We discussed topics such as the purpose and the content of a blog. For instance, what features make a great blog articles?

We came up with at least 3 features:

Originality -> say something that hasn’t been mentioned before

Value-added ->  approach a subject from a new standpoint. Readers should be left with the impression that reading the article was worth their while. Conversely, think about why people stop reading an article and not return to it and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Grammar and style -> have friends, colleagues and anyone who may be an authority on the matter proofread the articles and incorporate any relevant feedback.

I look forward to our next meeting on Friday 18th.

Thanks (in no particular order) to


for coming!

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