Careers: LivingSocial is Hiring

20111111-191634.jpgI was walking by their London office near Covent Garden this morning and saw this banner: “LivingSocial is hiring Now!

There are around 40 jobs available across the UK, from Editorial to Operations to Sales.

Account Management (1 job)
Customer Service (1 job)
Editorial (4 jobs)
Europe (2 jobs)
Finance (1 job)
Human Resources (1 job)
Legal (2 jobs)
LivingSocial Escapes (3 jobs)
Marketing (2 jobs)
National Sales (2 jobs)
Operations (3 jobs)
Research (1 job)
Sales (7 jobs)

Surrey, United Kingdom

Sales (1 job)

Maidstone, United Kingdom

Sales (1 job)

Reading, United Kingdom

Editorial (1 job)

Essex, United Kingdom

Sales (1 job)

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Sales (1 job)

Brighton, United Kingdom

Sales (1 job)

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Editorial (1 job)

Oxford, United Kingdom

Editorial (1 job)
Sales (1 job)

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Editorial (1 job)

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