Formalising our Blogging Sessions

The big news from today’s blogging session is that it has been decided to give the following structure to our meetings: 20120105-174613.jpg

1) Newsround. We will take the first 20 minutes for a round-table news and apps update. We will share which news and/or new apps caught our attention and would be worth mentioning.

2) Main topic. We will then move on to discuss one main subject. Each will make a proposal and we will as a group select the most interesting one. If your subject is selected, be ready to lead the discussion; you will be become the host of the discussion.

3) Each of us will then be encouraged to write about this topic.

Branding our sessions

We have decided to brand our meetings so that it will be easier to refer to them across social media.

The two contenders so far are:


please vote “through this google doc” you will be able to make a suggestion as well.

I will announce the results on Monday evening so that we can start using the brand-name for our next blogging session.


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