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Euro2012- Italy vs Germany Twitter Trends

Balotelli ‘s popularity is reaching stratospheric levels on twitter.

After his second goal against Germany (below), he has been mentioned at a rate of 12 000 tweets an hour by about 21:00 BST according to

Balotelli's mentions on twitter


The twitter-sphere is almost evenly split with respect to tonight’s game between Italy and Germany. Indeed, if we company mentions of “Italy + win” and those of “Germany +win” there is only a slight preference for Germany… but just about. The snapshot was taken just a few minutes into the game when the score was still 0-0.

Who will win? Probably a draw according to twitter fans. Click on picture to access current results.

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Euro2012 – Germany vs Greece

The Creativity Hunter

Brands Advertising Around Euro 2012

The Euro 2012 football tournament have kicked off last Friday (June 8th), but what creative campaigns or marketing strategies have brands come up with for this widely popular and massively broadcast event?

Rather than TV commercials, that have taken over our TVs with various Olympics themed ads, marketers have decided to use the Euro 2012 in their social media strategies.

From official partners like Carlsberg or Adidas to food or electronic companies, brands are trying to capture some of the buzz generated around the event.

From Rio de Janeiro to the Cliffs of Dover, Paddy Power erected a Christ the redeemer statue that would supposedly transcend Brazil’s famous outstanding football performances to England’s team in the tournament. “Roy the Redeemer” is the name of the 108 foot statue after England manager Roy Hodgson and initiative calls for fan suggestions through social media in this very creative campaign called…

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Memories by Me Photography

I have three boys – aged 6, 9 & 11. To say they are alike would be false. They are all actually very unique, very different and I’m often amazed at how I think I have raised them the same, yet they are all completely different from one another. Sure, they have their similarities, but they also have their differences. They all have their own interests, and often disagree on what is “cool”. The one thing they all love though is Lego. Their ages are such that they don’t necessarily do things together all the time, but if you put a lego project in front of them, they all gravitate to it and work together to finish it. Last night the three of them sat here at the table, without fighting for longer than an hour {insert miracle here}. It was past their bedtime, and it was a Sunday night…

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