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You wonder whether these are intentionally disseminated to create excitement among potential users.

Olympic Torch Relay in Piccadilly

Y Combinator-Backed Sponsorfied Launches Tech That Matches Brands With Events Seeking Swag

Computational Story Lab

Do your friends influence your behavior?  Of course they do.  But it’s hard to actually measure their influence.  Social contagion is difficult to distinguish from homophily, the tendency we have to seek relationships with people like ourselves.

In response to the “happiness is contagious” phenomenon promoted by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler, we here at onehappybird were wondering whether happy Twitter users were more likely to be connected to each other.  In other words, is happiness assortative in the Twitter social network?  (See related work here.)

In the image below, each circle represents a person in the social network of the center node.  We color nodes by the happiness of their tweets during a single week.  Pink colors are happier, gray colors are sadder, and nodes depicted with the color black did not meet our thresholding criteria (50 labMT words).

We established a friendship link between two users if…

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Marketing: McDonald’s Customer Engagement

Fate dictates that as I am about to teach a class on customer engagement, I stumbled upon this video from Mc Donalds.

McDonald’s like several multinational firms, is having to deal with customer concerns (and sometimes customer anger as in the famous case of United Airlines Breaks Guitars).

In McDonald’s case, consumer groups and governments have been challenging the golden arches about its contribution to obesity, specifically childhood obesity.

In the following video, you will see how McDonald is attempting to turn the tables by answering a consumer’s question about why hamburgers look different in advertisement pictures than in the restaurants.