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You wonder whether these are intentionally disseminated to create excitement among potential users.


It’s expected that the next-gen iPhone will launch in September, which means that Apple has approximately two more months to keep the specs, design, and availability a mystery. But that seems to be proving difficult, as a brand new video has just hit the web courtesy of Macotakara.

It shows a longer iPhone housing with the same two-tone finish that we saw on 9to5Mac’s leaked images.

There is also an obviously smaller mini-port not unlike the 19-pin mini connector we’ve confirmed here at TechCrunch, and a new speaker grill down at the bottom.

Along with the video came a full gallery of photos from iLab, which seems to reaffirm that centered Facetime camera up front that we’d heard about. Interestingly enough, Macotakara also seems to have additional pieces of the phone that they show off in the video.

Check out the video and images after the…

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After its new owners decided to go back to the drawing board and figure out what to do with the former Web 2.0 darling, Digg is relaunching on Wednesday. Today, a week after its new owner Betaworks explained why it bought the site and announced the August 1 relaunch, the company has published the first mockups and screenshots of the new Digg v1 and explained what the user experience on the site will look like. According to this announcement, the new Digg will be a “beautiful, image-friendly, and ad-free experience.”

The new Digg looks to be a major departure from the current design. Not only will the homepage get a complete overhaul, but Digg v1 will also do away with the old Digg’s “Newsrooms” feature, as well as the “Diggbar.” The new version of the site will also bring back Digg’s old “upcoming” page where users can see which stories…

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Olympic Torch Relay in Piccadilly

Y Combinator-Backed Sponsorfied Launches Tech That Matches Brands With Events Seeking Swag


Today, Y Combinator Summer 2012 startup Sponsorfied launches its tool that connects and manages the relationship between brands and the events or influencers they want to sponsor. See, we’re all trained to ignore ads, but get your product in our hands or enhance a real life experience for us and we won’t forget you.

Top brands like Red Bull, Task Rabbit, and popchips are the first clients in the Sponsorfied private beta now that it’s out of stealth. By sorting out the mess of sponsorship management and installing feedback loops, Sponsorfied could make sure the next event you attend has a lot more free clothes, liquor, and food. You know, more fun.

An Industry Aching For Disruption

Sponsorship is a huge business the startup estimates, around $56 billion a year by the startup’s estimate, and spend keeps increasing. But it’s also grossly inefficient. Brands want to find events or influencers they’re target…

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Computational Story Lab

Do your friends influence your behavior?  Of course they do.  But it’s hard to actually measure their influence.  Social contagion is difficult to distinguish from homophily, the tendency we have to seek relationships with people like ourselves.

In response to the “happiness is contagious” phenomenon promoted by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler, we here at onehappybird were wondering whether happy Twitter users were more likely to be connected to each other.  In other words, is happiness assortative in the Twitter social network?  (See related work here.)

In the image below, each circle represents a person in the social network of the center node.  We color nodes by the happiness of their tweets during a single week.  Pink colors are happier, gray colors are sadder, and nodes depicted with the color black did not meet our thresholding criteria (50 labMT words).

We established a friendship link between two users if…

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Want To Know How Much More You Could Earn? Adzuna Launches Free ‘Market Insight’ Tool For Jobseekers


It’s always nice to see when a startup cracks open its data treasure trove — knowledge is power after all. And Adzuna, the ‘next generation’ classified search engine, has done just that in the form of its new ‘Market Insight’ tool that gives jobseekers in the UK free access to salary trends across many job sectors. Want to know what the average technology journalist earns per-year, for example? (OK, I looked) — Adzuna’s new offering has you covered.

In addition, the startup, whose founders hail from Gumtree, Zoopla and Qype, is one year old this week (nicely timed PR!), and claims just over half a million monthly unique visitors in the UK, with 2 million ads indexed (giving it over 90% market coverage, apparently). It credits this growth to its social approach to classified search via its Adzuna Connect and Friend Map which lets users find a job, car or home…

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Marketing: McDonald’s Customer Engagement

Fate dictates that as I am about to teach a class on customer engagement, I stumbled upon this video from Mc Donalds.

McDonald’s like several multinational firms, is having to deal with customer concerns (and sometimes customer anger as in the famous case of United Airlines Breaks Guitars).

In McDonald’s case, consumer groups and governments have been challenging the golden arches about its contribution to obesity, specifically childhood obesity.

In the following video, you will see how McDonald is attempting to turn the tables by answering a consumer’s question about why hamburgers look different in advertisement pictures than in the restaurants.