London, Paris, Berlin and Beyond — A Plea For Europe’s Tech Events To Sync


A couple of years ago I was a tad depressed. Let me tell you why. Covering the European tech startup scene was a mess. Every local Tech God was trying to re-create their version of “The” European tech conference without any idea of the synergies going on in Europe. What was interesting was that many had not factored in that the VCs, investors and press – hunting for deals and stories across Europe – were criss-crossing the continent attending startup meet-ups and conferences, only to find the events crashing into each-other. I’d regularly bump into a VC going somewhere that I’d just been, and vice versa. Happily things are starting to get a lot more co-ordinated. As an example, check out the upcoming Campus Party and Tech Open Air events in Berlin soon.

I really hope this is the shape of things to come. In the last couple of weeks…

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