contro analisi

According to dictionaries, uncreative means “not having or involving imagination or original ideas.” Is this bad? No. There is nothing wrong for an individual and for a society to be uncreative, that is to lack imagination and originality—or, more often, to have them to a lesser extent. It is essential that communities educate their members to creativity, and that all people are given opportunities to be creative. This is what the humanities—my field—are about: they are an indispensable device to teach and experiment creativity. Still, uncreative individuals and drawingcommunities should not feel inadequate. If it happens, it is because today, especially in the West, the concept of creativity has been abused and distorted. Instead of being considered an individual gift, drive, and pleasure, creativity has been increasingly described as a social asset and an economic necessity. Think of the obsession with copyright and royalties: their purpose is not to foster

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