Pop Culture: Where is “Harvard Style”?

As of this writing, “Gangnam Style” video is approaching 500 million views on youtube, and this is only counting the views on Psy’s official channel.

With such popularity, spin-offs soon followed:

Deadpool Style (9.6 million views)

Flashmob Style in Jakarta (3.4 million views)

Gandalf Style (4.7 million views)

India Style (only a puny 941 000 views)

Even Eton succumbed. Though a few parents might have sighed “sic transit gloria mundi”, here is to you Eton Style.

The lyrics make reference to different aspects of life at Eton. For instance,

“They will close the doors right in your face /

Then you’re in Tardy, chin up buddy”

According to a post in The Guardian, this refers to the fact that being late for a lesson results in the student having to wake-up early three days in a row and sign the “tardy” book.

In fact, the Eton video is doing so well, that google’s algorithm is placing “Eton Style” as the second suggestion ahead of Eton College itself which is only fourth. Eton Dorney, the top suggested result, is the lake where Eton rowers train. (See slideshow below for screenshots).

By comparison, a similar search for “Harvard” and a more specific one for “Harvard + Style” suggests that for now, Harvard is still Harvard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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