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Comparing Armstrong, Oprah and Tesco



Tesco Apologises

This is a letter of apology published by Tesco in today’s Guardian.


Crisis Communication: Comparing Armstrong, Oprah and Tesco



The US District Court in Massachusetts has dismissed the case against Aaron Swartz. Swartz committed suicide on January 11 after an investigation into his involvement in the theft of digital documents from JSTOR, a journal archive.

US Attorney for the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts Carmen Ortiz noted:

In support of this dismissal, the government states that Mr. Swartz died on January 11, 2013.

Information on his memorial service is available here.

Marcia Hofmann at the Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote that this case is an example of draconian informations security laws gone horribly wrong:

Over the past two years, Aaron was forced to devote much of his energy and resources to fighting a relentless and unjust felony prosecution brought by Justice Department attorneys in Massachusetts. His alleged crimes stemmed from using MIT’s computer network to download millions of academic articles from the online archive…

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Yahoo! is making moves in the new year already. Today, it announced that it has hired Disney/ABC’s Sandy Gould to lead talent acquisition and development. His official title is “senior vice president of global talent acquisition and development.”

To attract talent, Yahoo! must continue on its path of rebuilding with its new leader, CEO Marissa Mayer. Having a sense of revival makes a company attractive to others again, specifically talent and smaller startups and companies. I would not be surprised to see Yahoo! be very agressive this year in picking up small teams, much like Facebook has done over the years with Karma and Gowalla.

Here’s what the company had to say on its corporate blog today:

As we work to transform the world’s daily habits, it’s critical that we have the best, brightest and most talented teams in the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Sandy Gould…

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Employment: “The Older, The Better”

Paul Solman describes how business in Needham, MA makes a point of employing older people; the average employee age is 74.

Also watch the interview “Working at 100 years old”.

Careers: New York Cosmos Marketing & Sales Jobs

I could not miss the opportunity to report that the New York Cosmos are hiring for the following positions:

Box Office 
ManagerAccount Executive, Ticket Sales
Business Development Intern
Marketing/Communications Intern
Operations Intern