“Obama is a Communist”

If you want to know what most people think of Obama, start typing “Obama is a…” and allow the search engine to reveal the most common words associated with this claim.

In order, the words are: “muslim, socialist, communist and liar”.

Are the last two insults?

Are the last two insults?

Do claims 2 and 3 withstand the opinion of serial capitalists and whose presumed interest lies in free movement of capital and in general minimising the role of the state?

Barack Obama was inaugurate on 20/Jan/2009. Since then, the Dow Jones gained 73%, adding around 6,000 points since he officially took over.

Obama's Dow Jones Performance

George Bush, meantime scored a meagre -21.78% over two terms; not enough to qualify as systematic destruction of capital (or Kapital) but a good try nonetheless at entering the communist pantheon.

Bush's Down Jones Performance

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