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Brevity in Communication: Twitter vs the telegram

The Victorianachronists

While Twitter has become a wildly popular new means of communication, it has not been without its critics.  Questions like, “What can we say that is meaningful in 140 characters?” and “What are we losing by keeping our social interactions so brief?” have abounded since Twitter’s inception.  The value of brevity, however, is not a new concept.  In the late 19th and early 20th century, one of the most efficient ways to transmit important information rapidly over great distances was the telegram.

Telegram authors had an incentive to be brief – most telegram companies charged per word.  As a result, authors took some common shortcuts used in the Twitterverse such as dropping pronouns and articles and using abbreviations and code words to maximize information and minimize characters.  So forced brevity in communications isn’t really a new concept at all. In fact, telegrams were often used to convey life-changing news-births, deaths…

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Football: Supporters Borussia Dortmund in London

This gallery contains 40 photos.


Football: Monaco Meilleure Affluence en Deplacement

L’on parle souvent en France de la faible participation des supporters de l’ASM.

Deux chose sont a’ mettre en évidence:

1-la population de Monaco se situe autour de 30 000 habitant et que donc, si il y a 5 000 spectateurs de moyenne au Louis II en pour un championnat de Ligue, cela fait 16,6% de la population qui se rend régulièrement au stade.

2-au regard de ce championnat de Ligue 2, Monaco possède des supporters dans toute la France. Pour la dernière journée de ligue 2, il y avait plus de supporters monégasques en déplacement que tous les autres supporters en déplacement du reste des équipes de ligue 2.

Il est aussi a’ noter que c’est plutôt la France en général qui a un déficit de supporters dans les stades. Voici un article qui compare les affluences de Ligue 1 avec celle de la Championship Anglaise (équivalent Ligue 2). (

Football: Monaco Meilleure Affluence en Deplacement

Il y avait 490 supporters de Monaco a’ Tours lors de la 38eme journée de ligue 2.


Football: Arsenal vs Valencia 1980

Football: Arsenal vs Valencia 1980

Programme for the 1980 final of the final of the 1980 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final. Valencia won 5-4 on penalties.

Infographic: Is the World Getting Better or Worse?

Marketing internship central London

Swapit, a toy exchange platform, has recently been acquired by Box Of Awesome and are looking for an intern with the chance of turning the internship into a full time position.

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An anti-campaign started by Isaias Villela Zatz in response to the news that Abercrombie only wants “thin customers”. This was reported by Business insider


Lembra que na semana passada falamos que o CEO da Abercrombie & Fitch declarou não querer gordos usando a sua marca? Nesta semana vimos uma campanha no Tumblr que está indo na contra-mão do posicionamento da marca americana, iniciada pelo designer paulista Isaias Villela Zatz lançou um manifesto na internet.

“A campanha surgiu no momento em que me deparei com o posicionamento do CEO da ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’, reconhecendo que a marca é exclusiva para pessoas que ele e a empresa dele considerem “populares”, e dentro desse grupo não estariam os gordos, os pobres (marca fundamentalmente elitista), os idosos… Então, decidi então fazer algo…  E criou a campanha Abercrombie Popular.

A ideia de dar as roupas aos moradores de rua já tinha aparecido há algum tempo, mas eu não havia concretizado. É algo que causa o impacto necessário para abrir os olhos da sociedade sobre o ideal de beleza…

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