TSA’s New Instagram Account Highlights The Crazy Things People Try To Sneak On Planes

Apparently, an effective PR effort on the part of the TSA.



Seemingly tired of being chewed out by every third traveler to step through their scanners, the TSA is trying something new to connect with the people: Instagram. And, uh… it’s actually pretty friggin’ effective.

Over the last few days, the TSA has been Instagramming some of the crazier things they’ve confiscated at their checkpoints from people who apparently didn’t get the whole “don’t bring things that can kill people on planes” memo. Guns! Grenades! Secret spy knives!

This one is probably the strangest so far, confiscated in Cleveland:
It’s like someone thought to themselves, “Well, they say I’m not allowed to bring a knife on the plane. I’m also not allowed to bring a gun on the plane. But no one said anything about a knife gun. LOOP HOLE’D!”

They’ve been posting one or two pictures per day, mainly focusing on the zanier stuff — from a knife hidden in…

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