Journalism May Be Collapsing, But With Pressfolios, At Least You Can Build A Nice Portfolio


If you’re a working journalist (or even an aspiring one), you’re probably getting tired of hearing that it’s important to build your personal brand. Now, leaving aside the obnoxiousness of the phrase “personal brand,” I suspect we hear it so much because it’s kinda true. A startup called Pressfolios aims to make it easy for journalists to build that brand through an online portfolio.

“Journalists probably best served by adopting the mindset of entrepreneur rather than a serial employee,” said co-founder Marc Samson. “If they can put their best foot forward, they’re going to be better served in their careers, and a big part of that is keeping track of your published work and developing a professional identity.”

There are some obvious questions: Isn’t an online portfolio just a website? And aren’t there already tons of website-building tools? Well, yes, but there are some unique challenges for journalists, like the fact that old articles can be taken offline, and that you may be generating new…

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