Banana Republic, CNNMoney And CNBC Among Top Twitter Accounts During TWTR IPO


Data from social media analytics companies Crimson Hexagon and Topsy give insight into the chatter during Twitter’s IPO using data gleaned from (what else?) tweets. Most of the accounts that produced the top tweets are expected (like Twitter’s official account and major news outlets such as CNN), but there were a few surprises.

(Both Crimson Hexagon and Topsy are Twitter partners, which means they can re-syndicate tweets or analyze their content in exchange for a fee without risking suspension.)

According to Crimson Hexagon, there were more than 179,800 “relevant opinions,” or tweets, sent about Twitter during the day of its IPO. Crimson Hexagon also looked at tweets about Twitter before trading started. Over the last three days, Crimson Hexagon collected more than 252,400 relevant tweets; of that total, more than 35,000 were sent during the 10 a.m. hour after trading started.


As shown in the circle graph below, among…

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