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(Almost) Everything You Want to Know About Bitcoin, in One Report

Google Announces An Online Data Interpretation Class For The General Public


Google has launched its own Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to teach the general public how to understand surveys, research, and data. Called “Making Sense of Data” and running from March 18 to April 4, the course will be open to the public and, like most MOOCs, will be taught through a series of video lectures, interactive projects, and the support of community TAs.

Users who complete the final capstone homework assignment will even have the option of receiving a certificate of completion (the unlisted YouTube introduction is embedded below):

With this course, Google joins the growing ranks of for-profit online education providers who are answering the White House’s call for more data science-literate workers. This year, both of the major MOOC companies, Coursera and Udacity, announced data-science program tracks complete with paid certificates of completion.

According to a Google spokesman, the course is related to its Fusion…

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Instagram Is The Fastest-Growing Social Site Globally, Mobile Devices Rule Over PCs For Access


Pinterest may have passed Twitter in popularity in the U.S. according to new figures out last month from Pew, but globally the social network to watch may be Facebook-owned Instagram. According to research published today by the GlobalWebIndex, Instagram is growing the fastest of all social media sites worldwide, increasing its active user base by 23% in the last six months. But on an overall basis, it’s still behind the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn — which come respectively in at positions 1-5 of the world’s most popular social platforms in terms of penetration.

And who’s active usage is falling? Facebook, YouTube, the two Russian social networks Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte… and MySpace.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.12.23

The survey, based on responses from some 170,000 users across 32 countries, notes that Facebook is currently the world’s most popular social network. Excluding China (where free access to sites like Facebook and…

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Football: QPR vs Reading 1-3

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Valentine Day – Public Messages in Paris

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Here’s what Gary Vaynerchuck is really up to with that new $25M fund (exclusive)


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