How Brands Help Us Know Who We Are

This is an extract from an article by Wahyd Vannoni published on the PBS Newhour website. It asks whether we can really know who we are without brands.

“All the world’s a stage,” states Shakespeare in “As You Like It.”

But while the monologue continues to describe how man progresses from infanthood to death in seven stages, let me recast Shakespeare’s allegory in our modern consumer-oriented world.

Brands play two fundamental roles in our lives. The most obvious is that they help us make purchasing decisions. Our lives would come to a standstill if, when faced with hundreds of varieties of breakfast cereal, or shampoo or deodorant in a supermarket, we were to evaluate each and every one objectively. This lurking woe is thankfully minimized by our recognizing a familiar brand among multitudes. We have come to trust its packaging, its colors and all of its elements to the extent that we wouldn’t wish any other companion.

Continue reading on PBS.

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