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Product Psychology Explains How To Get Users Hooked On Products Designed Around Habit And Context


product psychology

Last year, tens of thousands of hackers signed up to receive Hack Design, a newsletter teaching the principles of design so that those used to focusing on how things work behind the scenes could start at a point that also considers aesthetics and user-friendliness.

Today, a group of product-focused creators — “Hooked” author Nir Eyal, Product Hunt‘s Ryan Hoover, and Greylock Partners‘s Josh Elman, among others — are hoping to follow up on that newsletter’s success with the launch of Product Psychology, a weekly course on the psychology of user behavior.

Courses will arrive in the form of link-blog like posts delivered to your email inbox. Each week, one curator from the 17 psychologists, entrepreneurs, and designers involved in the project focuses on a single topic they’re especially versed in, with posts ranging from “How Scarcity & Impatience Drive User Behavior” to “Does Your…

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Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” explained

A Piketty guide for lifelong learners.

When Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” was published earlier this year, it was something of a sensation. That’s no small feat for a chart-heavy doorstop on “the dismal science” of economics.

A fair portion of the book’s notoriety was due to its subject matter: wealth distribution, an intensely political topic if ever there was one. (Watch Piketty’s TED Talk: New thoughts on capital in the twenty-first century.)

What makes this French economist’s conclusions worth global notice? The short answer is that Piketty and his research team amassed a mountain of data, much of it going back centuries, suggesting that the concentration of wealth in ever-fewer hands is not an anomaly or a recent development. Check out the infographic below for a longer explanation:


As the data visualization above suggests, this is simply how capitalism works. Without a significant force to counterbalance rising…

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Politique: Comment Rediger Un Communiquer de Presse Au Front National

Voir toute la sequence de ce reportage de France3.

How millennials spend

Trieste Independence Demonstration





Photos: Richmond Upon Thames

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