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Tutti I Tweet di Salvini

Questi i primi 5 tweet di @matteosalvinimi nel 2011.

E questo il tweet con maggior numero di “likes”.

Ecco qui tutti i 27.962 tweet di @matteosalvinimi dal 23 Marzo 2011 al 7 Aprile 2019.

Cliccare sull’immagine per scaricare il file in formato .numbers.

Tutti i tweet di Matteo Salvini.

List of All Tweets Marked as “Favorites” by @disney

This is a report in excel format that includes all tweets marked as “favorites” by the @disney account on twitter.

Click on image to download .xls file

3 Ways to test Your Browser Security

Here are three free online ways to test how vulnerable your browsers are.


This is used to give you a footprint of your browser. This is one way, even if you have a proxy, in which your computer can be uniquely identified.

Browser Audit

BrowserAudit is a free service. It will “attack” your browser with 400 test and see how well your security features respond.

I have performed the test on several browsers and was surprised to see that the one that doesn’t show any critical results is Chrome.

1. Chrome results

2. Safari results

Chrome Web Audit Results.

3. Firefox results


DetectMyBroswer will give you rapid and actionable assessment of your browser.

Specifically, it will test your web browser’s plugins, CSS3 and HTML 5 capabilities. “It uses various javascript libraries for the detection of your browser.”

The red circles mean you need to upgrade either specific features such as your plugin or if too many red circles are reported, it’s time to upgrade the entire browser which is what is recommended to start with.

Internet Explorer (version 6-8) is considered crippled when it comes to web standards.

detectmybrowser video check