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17 September 2008

As seen on reporting after a WBUR meeting in Boston, MA.

“The creator of the magazine spoke of his use of “most favorited” searches to find interesting and up-and-coming authors and interview subjects.  Worth a look, as I’m sure will be whatever this gentleman does next.”

4 July 2008

On the Boston Globe.

Chicken Little goes to Italy

Posted by Jan Freeman July 4, 2008 02:21 PM

From my multilingual friend Wahyd Vannoni comes a link to a tale of a language-testing scandal in Italy, as reported last month in Corriere delle Sera, along with a summary in the language I actually read:

Click on the image for full article.

1 November 2007

RE “COLBERT Nation” (Editorial, Oct. 27): In 1981, the French comic who went by the name “Coluche” threw the political establishment in disarray. After his press conference announcing he was going to run for president, he was third in the polls (16 percent) after Valery Giscard D’Estaing and Francois Mitterrand, the eventual winner.

January 2006

“Il Ponte” the Magazine of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.

Reflecting back on the workshop organised and lead by Wahyd Vannoni.

May 8 -14 2006

News and Views, The American Chamber of Commerce magazine.

November 2005

Interview on Croatian business weekly

about the difficulties of starting a company in Croatia.

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