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Graffiti In London’s Brick Lane

Roberto Bolle – Energy and Grace

Roberto Bolle (born March 26, 1975) is an Italian danseur. He is currently a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre and also holds guest artist status with The Royal Ballet and La Scala Theatre Ballet, making regular appearances with both companies. (wikipedia

He has been described by the New York Times as “an exemplary ballet dancer“.

He is currently a key figure of ENI’s rethink-energy campaign.

Next July, 25th Roberto Bolle will perform in his Gala Roberto Bolle and Friends on the magic stage of Caracalla in Rome

Fantasies from Verdi’s Operas at MIT

The La Scala Chamber Orchestra (Cameristi della Scala) will perform at MIT Kresge Auditorium on Monday, October 7 at 7pm.

This will be the first of a series of concerts in the US that celebrate Verdi’s 200th anniversary.

The capacity for this event has been reached.
To be added to the waitlist, please email

Russian Contemporary Artists

One of the most thought-provoking exhibition is currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London. It features contemporary artists born in Russia in the time of the Soviet Union and is split into two themes:

Breaking the Ice, Moscow Art 1960-80’s (ends 24 February 2013)

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Gaiety is the most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union (ends 5 May 2013)

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Saatchi Gallery
Duke Of York’s HQ,
King’s Road,

Click here to view the current show at the gallery.


Art: Battle of Adwa

Battle of Adwa, on 2 March 1896: British Museum.

This picture was drawn by an unknown artist and is exhibited in room 66 in the Ethiopia and Egypt section of the museum.

This painting, as most nationalistic painting, emphasises the values and heroism of the the painter’s own tradition.

On the right, you see the Italians, the colonial invaders and on the left, the Ethiopians led by Emperor Menelik II.

The Italian army is organised in three rows. While the two rows on the right can be recognised as composed of Italians, the first row, those in the heat of the action, seem to be non-Italian, a foreign legion, maybe Arabs, who are given the task of doing the dirty and dangerous work.

In the centre, the Ethiopians are seen to be valiantly charging against the bullets, underscoring their valour.

Furthermore, on the bottom left, is a peloton of female fighters led by Empress Taytu, probably to suggest that the whole of the Ethiopian population took-up arms against the enemy.

While both army possess rifles, the Italians have far more cannons than do the Ethiopians, again suggesting that the odds were in Italy’s favour.

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In the top corners, are the leaders of each army. On the top left we see Emperor Menelik II while on the top right is an Italian general. Between the two and overseeing the battle, we find Saint George, the patron saint of Ethiopia.

In this case, Saint George’s allegiance is pretty clear, he is charging from left to right and therefore is wholeheartedly in the Ethiopian camp. The halo which carries him and perhaps protects him, echoes the colours of the Ethiopian flag green for the land, yellow for peace and hope and red representing strength *.

Finally an anecdote; from my standpoint, the painter might have misrepresented the Italian flag. While it is true that they are in the right order from left to right (green, white, red) as they appear in the painting, the colour green should start at the mast.

Street Art in Rome

She uses spray-paint to create extraterrestrial landscapes.

Adrian Brody in Rome

Adrian Brody was witnessed by hundreds of onlookers shooting a scene of the upcoming film titled “The Third Person”. This took place near the Pantheon in Rome.