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Where does hot chocolate come from? Some in America think it comes from brown cows. That’s according to many blogs but also a surprising number of established sources such as CNN and the Chicago Tribune. Hard to believe but it’s … Continue reading

Fear Of Missing Out #FOMO


On a recent episode of Hidden Brain NPR host Shankar Vedantam interviewed a woman who spent a lot of time on Facebook. One of the reasons why she did so is because of #FOMO, the fear of missing out on fun or happiness other people might have.

Is there cash inside?

This morning at Victoria Station in London I saw how brands exploit this fear.

The popular Walkers Crips brand challenged travellers to find money in a given amount of time. The way it works is that a person goes inside the box and is subject to a storm of worthless paper, but among these sheets of paper there might be actual money.

Obviously most people come out without have won anything (I didn’t see any winners while I was there) but a substantial number of people were clamouring to try their luck.

So if you are susceptible to #fomo perhaps you should play the lottery. You never know.

Experience over Product

You can charge more for allow customers to watch you make ice cream.

See how little liquid is required to make a handful of ice cream.

Price: 4.50 euros

Techniques To Create New Games and Toys

Shimpei Takahashi:

Play this game to come up with original ideas

What is Marketing?

My latest definition of marketing is as follows:

The selling of happiness through the creation and management of belief systems

Brand = Belief system


The Difference Between Brand and Product in Three Slides

Framing The Issue: Facebook and Terrorism


Daily Telegraph 4/11/2014