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Happy 25th Birthday to Mosaic Web Browser

25 years ago the first web browser was born.

Happy birthday Mosaic!


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Using Extremist Politics to Make Money on Twitter

I was searching for “Sessions” and “Russia” on twitter and found a series a similar posts published within minutes of one another as you can see below from the time stamps.

I then clicked on some of these and it turns out that not only these post are near identical, but that they have similar features: same posts, same links and same number of tweets (around 10.7k).

Crucially, if you click on the link…. it will take you to an advertisement. So it seems as though all these accounts are automated. They relay highly charged political news and bait people into clicking on those links to make advertising money.

Here is a video I recorded that summarises all of the above.

Top 100 TV Series by Average Rating

Download the top 100 series by average rating according to IMDB.

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IMDB-Top Series by rating – IMDB-Top Series by rating

Framing The Issue: Facebook and Terrorism


Daily Telegraph 4/11/2014

How the Daily Mail Creates Drama out of Nothing

rM7z81x Rihana wears clothes

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Media Watch – Ukraine, Crimea Old News Already?

Is it because the issue is too complex?

Is it because this is just grand posturing?

Is it because we are approaching a solid week-end of sports?

Whatever the case may be, the focus on the situation in Ukraine seems to have faded from social media and, at least in the UK, newspaper front pages.

Last week-end 1/2 – March – 2014

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This Saturday 8 – March – 2014

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Twitter Chatter from 6 – February to 8 – March

Crisis? What crisis?

Crisis? What crisis?

But let’s leave the last word to Private Eye. (Putin says: “I think Russia are going to win the shooting”)

PrivateEye Putin

Daily Mail on Sherlock: information or advertisement?