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Bitcoin “Is Heading Towards a New High”

etoro, the social investment site featured an interesting advertisement on my facebook page.

It claimed that

[“Bitcoin is heading toward a new high” -Yahoo Finance.]

then adds:

Believe in Bitcoin?

Aside from the dated claim (new high while the market today is below $600/bitcoin) and its reference to yahoo finance without any link, can you read what it says on the bottom right?

Fees are charged in US dollars

Fees are charged in US dollars

Twitter Says It Is Standing By Its Users In Turkey, Hopes To Have Access ‘Returned Soon’

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Help appears to be at hand for advocates of free speech in Turkey, where Twitter access has been cut off after the Prime Minister accused it of helping people spread false information about him. Twitter has announced that it is standing by its users and working on restoring access soon.

Today, the site and its users in the country saw a huge wave of support from around the world, as people rallied around the social network to protest the blockade. The Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdoğan, said he wanted to “wipe out” Twitter and other sites that have been critical of him and a corruption scandal that has been brewing.

In Turkey, the blockade has had many loopholes for those who…

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Microsoft Now Offering $100 Discounts To Get Consumers Off Windows XP


As Windows XP winds down, Microsoft has a problem: People still use the operating system. Many people. Given that support for Windows XP ends on April 8, the number of days left in which the OS is mostly safe to use are all but spent.

To combat that, Microsoft has been offering discounts, in increasing increments, to induce consumers to get their backsides off the bench and into a computer that will be safe. So, Microsoft is handing out $100 discounts on a number of computers, including the Surface Pro 2. How is this economically feasible? All the machines cost $599.

As ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley points out, the new computers come with “90 days of free support for their new Windows 8 devices from Microsoft.” Call that the Here’s How New Windows Works period.

The danger here is that, once general support for Windows XP ends, everyone not paying…

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FireChat For iOS Is A Hyperlocal Anonymous Chat Network That Doesn’t Need An Internet Connection


We all know that chat apps are pretty hot right now and there are plenty of companies hoping for a WhatsApp-like exit. For the most part, all of those apps are pretty similar, but FireChat, which is launching today, adds a new and fun twist to this genre. It’s a hyperlocal chat network for iOS that even works when you don’t have an Internet connection.

It makes use of the Multipeer Connectivity Framework in iOS 7, which allows developers to discover Multipeer-enabled services on nearby iOS devices using Wi-Fi, peer-to-peer connections and Bluetooth. Because it relies on these techniques, the range is around 100 feet, but because of the mesh architecture behind FireChat, the actual range of the network around could be much larger.

FireChat Screen Shot - Beach

There have been some similar apps like this, but they all relied on the users being on the same Wi-Fi network. In a stadium or…

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Google To Pay $15 For Each New User With Debut Of Google Apps Referral Program

How much are you worth to google?


Google announced today the start of a new referral program for customers of its online office and productivity suite, Google Apps, which will encourage the company’s current users to recommend the service to others in exchange for a $15 bonus per user.

The announcement was made via a brief post on the Google Enterprise Blog. The initiative, explains the blog post, is meant to continue and encourage the word-of-mouth referrals that are already taking place, as businesses recommend Google Apps to others in their network.

Today, the Apps suite is used by 5 million businesses, according to the service’s website, and includes a series of products, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more.

Unfortunately, despite the announcement of the program going live, the page which will reportedly offer more details on how the program works is currently returned a 404 error message.


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London Fitzrovia

Views of Fitzrovia, London

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin Is Not A Currency


Goldman Sachs thinks that Bitcoin believers need to take a cold shower, drink some coffee, and sober up.

In the wake of Mt. Gox’s collapse, the supposed outing of Bitcoin’s creator, and some high-profile arrests, the financial services firm has put together an exhaustive survey of “Bitcoin” and “bitcoin” and ultimately finds the technology promising but the currency wanting.

The key takeaway: Bitcoin likely can’t work as a currency, but … the ledger-based technology that underlies it could hold promise.

For those still unfamiliar with the concept Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network that allows for the proof and transfer of ownership without the need of a trusted third party, the Goldman Sachs report explains. The unit of the network is bitcoin.

Goldman Sachs’ analysts consider bitcoin — the unit of exchange — more like a commodity than a currency, according to the report.

“We would argue that Bitcoin, and other…

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